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About Cottoncandy.netWhy do we like cotton candy? Why does anyone like cotton candy? What makes it such a tantalizing and tempting treat to people of all ages? Maybe it's the inviting pink color, or perhaps the fluffy nature of cotton candy entices you to be one of the millions that have tasted and fallen in love with it.

We, like many others, have fond memories associated with cotton candy and we have tried to make this site in such a way that information will not only be valuable and accurate, but also so that you smile when you read about it.

Cotton candy is just one of those sweet confections that is forever linked with memories, no matter your age.
It is a timeless and enduring constant, one of those things that was there over a 100 years ago and will no doubt be around in 100 years when your descendants go to a festival, circus, fair, amusement park or even to the local supermarket.
They will be tasting a candy that has enchanted generations of people and remained virtually the same for all that time. It will be like tasting history.

If you know more about Cotton Candy that you think should be included in our site or see errors that need correcting please use the email us link above and tell us. Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoyed this little taste of Cotton Candy.

Written by : Linda Fri, 11 Aug 2010

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